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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just found the BIGGEST giveaway EVER!!!!!!!!!

Hop on over to:

Erica's Elementary Excitement Erica's Elementary Excitement
When you link over go down to her post from Monday.

So what can you win???
A $50.00 gift card to Lakeshore (that's right I said $50.00)
AND a Target gift card for $25.00

WHAT FUN!!!!!!!! I am sure you are already making out your shopping list!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yearn To Learn has a Giveaway!

Check out this awesome blog to see how you can enter to win a $25.00 gift card to Lakeshore - I love shopping at Lakeshore - especially during their back to school sale which starts in July!!!!!

Link over on the button I placed on my blog roll on the left :-)

Wiggins World: Last Chance to Enter Lakeshore Giveaway!

Wiggins World: Last Chance to Enter Lakeshore Giveaway!: "Hurry over to Yearn to Learn for the last chance to enter the Lakeshore gift card giveaway. One person will win a $25 gift card to Lakesh..."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Planning for Guided Reading

How do you plan for guided reading??? Sometimes I don't and I always end up disappointed.  This year I am making an effort to have planned groups and I am attaching a planning guide that a friend of mine created for a district training on guided reading(I helped a little too!). This plan is based on information from the book Teaching for Comprehension and fluency by Fountas and Pinnell. I have to say that once I started using this form my groups were very focused and ran very smooth! If you scroll all the way through you will see the back side of the form and going even further you will see an explanation for what goes where. If anyone wants a better copy of the planning form, let me know and I can send you a PDF copy of the file that will print out much nicer than this :-)
I would love to read about how some of you do your planning for guided reading!

Reading Planning Form 2

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fun for the Last Day of School!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!

So, as I try to figure out something fun for my kiddos to do on our last day of school  it hit me -
Minute to Win It games!!! I went to game show's website and found some easy games that can be done in the classroom and require very little prep time and easy to find materials. I am including my list which does not include all the details/rules but they are listed in alphabetical order on their website - this is gonna be fun! Now on to the final week of school!!!!!!

Minute to Win It Games

A Bit Dicey
This is a game challenge where the contestant has to stack 6 dice on a Popsicle stick that is held in his mouth.

Baby Blockin'
The contestant is supposed to stack 5 children's building blocks on a plate. This plate is kept on the contestant's head. The building blocks as well as the plate need to be balanced on the contestant's head for at least 3 seconds.

Hoop De Loop
A contestant has to roll a hula hoop in such a way that it rolls and rests around a group of 2 liter soda bottles.

Breakfast Scramble
Assemble the front of a cereal box that has been cut into 16 even pieces.

Face to Cookie
Using only the face, move cookies from the forehead to the mouth.

Nervous Nelly
Score  a total of 500 clicks using 4 pedometers attached to the arms and legs

Noodling Around
Pick up six penne noodles placed around the perimeter of a table using only a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth.

Rapid Fire
Player must shoot rubber bands to knock a triangle stack of 6 cans completely off a platform.

Separation Anxiety
Player must separate a pile of 50 multicolored chocolate covered candies into 5 separate containers in a set color order

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Third Grade Meanderings has reached 100 followers and she is having a giveaway!!! Better yet it is a Barns and Noble gift card and her favorite book:


We teachers love books and Barns and Noble so head over to her fantastic blog and sign-up to win!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

This little kid makes me smile!

Check out this young child's motivational speech - can't wait to show my students next week!!!