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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Problem Solving Toolkit

Here is my problem solving toolkit - when we learn a new strategy like draw a picture or make a list etc. we will be adding it to this anchor chart. School has not started yet so it is still empty. We will also be using KFC as a guide for problem solving. K stands for know (what we know in a problem) F stands for find out (what do we need to find out), C stands for clues (what clues are in the problem) and then there is an S for solve because of course we have to solve the problem! I am making a chart in the morning and will add the picture of it Monday, but basically you draw or fold a sheet of paper into fourths and place one letter in each box. Can't wait to use this to help my kiddos with those pesky word problems this year!

Finally Finished my room!!!!!!

 The king and queen of the day are my daily helpers- I add index cards with student names and we rotate them daily. My king and queen do any jobs needed for the day - so simple!

 I found these great magnets at Lakeshore Learning - perfect for our daily objectives!

 My vocabulary words will go here and once we have used them and really know them they will graduate to the next cabinet door leaving space for lots of new words!

 Thank you Beth Newingham!!! Teachers everywhere are so thankful to all your resources! Every time we read a book we will be adding the title to the cabinet with the matching genre. I plan on doing this through December and then in January changing over to themes.

 Our mailboxes, turn in tray, clipboards, and some book boxes

 Here is my little teaching area

 Now I am thinking I should have made my 'RULES' expectations instead... Looks like something else to add to my list...

 Ready for meet the teacher night!

 Once our large star fills up with tiny stars (that match of course!) they earn a crazy sock day! They get to take off their shoes and I bring in a little treat - kids love sock days - such a great reward that does not cost a thing. I am ready for my first sock day- I found some socks that look like a pencil!

 My variation on the clip chart - I probably should have role model on top of you rock - oh well... too much to do than to worry about that :-)

 I am going to try and start CHAMPS this year - not sure how consistent I will be with this one but I will give it a try - I figure at the very least I will use it a lot the first few weeks and then fade it out (to be brought back later as needed).

 Love this! I got this from a friend and have used it ever since - all I have to say is "show me HALL" and they know what to do!

 I just made this on Friday - every time we learn a new problem solving strategy we will list it here - now that I think about it I should make one for reading too!

 My guided reading table

 I am going to try team bins for manipulatives this year - each team has their own bin with various manipulatives that they can choose from for problem solving!

WOW! Preplanning is such a LONG week - but I love it (most of it anyway). So the first day of school is Tuesday with meet the teacher on Monday night, now I have a few hours to relax and then check and double check everything is ready to go for week one!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dry Erase Fun!!!

Have you tried Crayola's new dry erase crayons??? I have and I love them!! I especially love them on laminated materials. School starts next week so while I have only tried them out at home, I will have to see how they work in action, but the price is worth giving them a try. I met another teacher that told me that their washable crayons work just as well so instead of buying dry erase markers for student dry erase boards this year I am gonna try the washable crayons, not sure how that will work yet but I'll keep you all posted!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

KEEP OUT! Miss Viola Swamp!

Each year I start off my first day of school with a reading of Miss Nelson is Missing. Afterwards we talk about what caused Miss Nelson to leave, then they agree that they don't want Miss Viola Swamp to come to our classroom, but I let them know that if they are not their best behavior Miss Viola Swamp would come to their room... To keep that from happening we make an anchor chart titled: Keep Out! Miss Viola Swamp! and the kids brainstorm how they should act to make sure Miss Viola Swamp stays away. This is lots of fun and a lesson that the kids remember well into the school year - I have heard kids say, "watch out you don't want Miss Viola Swamp to come to our room!"