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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Give Me 5! With A Twist!

How do you get your kiddos attention when they are working with teams or just need to stop and listen? I always start out teaching the procedure for 'Give Me 5' and we practice, but as the year goes on it is not as effective (hands go up- but where are those eyes on me?)

A friend of mine shared this twist on 'Give Me Five' - I LOVE IT and my Kids loved it too!!!

So the teacher can say something like:
 "Give me 12" at the same time you hold up say 6 fingers and students need to put up 6 fingers because 6+6= 12. This could easily changed to multiplication by saying "Give me 30" and hold up 10 fingers and students need to show you 3 fingers because 10X3=30.

Why do I love it? Kids have to stop what they are doing, look at you, and practice some math at the same time! And now they are ready to listen!

Last week I went to some professional development and learned some other ways that are kinda novel:

Teacher says: Mac and
Students say: CHEESE!

Teacher says: MARCO!
Students say: Polo!

Teacher says: Rockin'
Students say: ROLL!

Teacher says: Spaghetti and
Students say: Meatballs

Please share any ways you get your student's attention - I love new ideas!!!!!!!!!!!