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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mission Impossible!!!

Sadly, math is at the end of our day and motivation for 3rd graders at the end of the day is not as easy after lunch :-(

Recently, I cam across a novel way to get them going when their motivation was low - I was just about to assign their independent work when I remembered I had the complete "Mission Impossible" track on my IPOD, before it goes into what we hear on the movie there is a little military band music and that was what they heard while I gave them their directions, quickly they sat up tall, and instead of telling them to get started - I ask them if they accept this mission - of course they shout 'YES!' and get right to work - it was beautiful!!!

Today, I tried it again to refocus them as we lined up (they were a bit chatty). Their mission was to get to lunch in a straight and quiet line - they did a great job and even pretended to be spies, ducking under windows along the way. I know it will not work if used too much so I am going to keep that trick up my sleeve for those days when they need that extra little boost to keep going!

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