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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking for reading lessons grades 3 - 5? Assessments too???

My district has complied a data bank of lessons. You can search under grade level and the lessons pop up. They are based on Florida's Sunshine State Standards, but are basically focused on all those 'tested' skills like main idea, author's purpose, compare, plot etc.

To see these lessons click on the link below.

 Username: Reading
 Password: Lessons

Much of the text that is referred to comes from Florida Treasures and Time For Kids (Treasures Edition)

But even if you don't use the text you can take something useful from the lessons that ALL follow the gradual release of responsibility - Each lesson has a 5 question assessment attached too!


  1. OH, I forgot - you can also search for writing lessons too!

    Username: Writing
    Password: Lessons

    Our writing lessons start with a quick read aloud where good craft is highlighted, a teacher model where the teacher plans, and writes using the craft, students plan and write without a prompt, students share at the end. I love these lessons because they actually give you the text to model write which is a REAL TIMESAVER!!! Check it out !!!

  2. I love the lessons but my district doesn't use Treasures. I'm a new teacher and don't know other stories/articles I can adapt the lessons to very easily. Plus I'm totally overwhelmed. Is there any way I can get a copy of the Treasures book and Times for Kids? I would be indebted to you forever. Thanks.